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Chief Executive Officer



The American higher education system is broken: only 12% of low-income youth successfully obtain a bachelor’s degree and 70% of college dropouts cite financial stress as a major reason for stopping their education. Moneythink is on a mission to fix this excessively expensive and insufficiently supportive system, one student at a time.

Recognized by President Obama as one of the best ideas for social innovation, Moneythink is a national technology nonprofit obsessed with reducing the financial barriers to college success. Founded as a student movement in 2008 as a direct response to the economic crisis, Moneythink has brought financial guidance to over 15,000 young people in 30 cities and has trained over 3,000 volunteers to work in under-resourced schools. Along the way, Moneythink has pioneered award-winning technology solutions to bring financial guidance to its students, and today the organization is poised to scale its impact.

After a multi-year R&D process, we have a high-impact program, a clear plan for short-term growth, a strong coalition of allies, and a team motivated around a big vision.

Our flagship innovation--the College Financial Coaching program--helps students through complex and important financial decisions, enabling them to arrive at a supportive institution, with the resources needed to focus on school, and a responsible plan to pay for their education. We developed this text message based coaching program with human-centered design and behavioral science principles, and we continue to hold a relentless focus on making our offering work for real students fighting through real challenges. Our program is supported by software that allows our coaches to deepen their impact and scale effectively. 

By 2020, we plan to double our team (from 12 to ~25), triple our reach (from 1,000 to ~3,000 students), and quadruple our funding (from $1.5M to ~6M). With everything in place to succeed in this next chapter, our founding CEO and board are seeking a leader who brings the strengths and resources to accelerate us toward achieving this vision.



We are hiring a chief executive with strong vision, creativity, inspiring communications and operational skills, a proven development track record, and an orientation towards relationship management to lead a pioneering, fast-growing, bold and mission-driven organization with a passionate team.

Primarily, you’ll join prepared to build trust with our team, supporters, and partners; ensure that the organization achieves the goals we have already set while laying the foundation for medium-and-long-term growth; and develop the funds and talent to accomplish these objectives.

In this role, you’ll have an opportunity to:

Successful candidates will have the following attributes:


Hiring Process

Moneythink’s CEO hiring process is rigorous and likely different from others you have encountered before. It shields candidate information, such as schools and past employers from the early stages, to remove as much bias as possible. This ensures that the candidate’s abilities are the primary determinant in our decision making and makes opportunities like this one more accessible.

In practice, this means:

Our hiring process includes these steps:

We are committed to transparency. We know job searching can be stressful and aim to minimize uncertainty when possible. You’re encouraged to get in touch at any time.


Take the Next Step

To express interest, please complete the very simple form. You may opt in at any time, but please do so by Thursday, July 5th at the latest. We’ll ask you (and all candidates) to complete a short questionnaire (in lieu of a cover letter) soon thereafter. 

We are currently seeking Bay Area based candidates but will also consider candidates currently based elsewhere.

If you have any questions about the role, please feel free to personally email search lead Abe Taleb at abe.taleb@rework.jobs. If you have any interest in this role, we encourage you to say so you can learn more (which is why we want to make it simple). If you decide to withdraw later in the process, we’ll understand.

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